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Date: 02/09/2015, 10:17:07 AM CST

Name: Athletes of Grand Cheer!
From: Katy, TX
Email: Athletes of Grand Cheer
From the athletes: Our coaches Shane Smith, Casey Lane, and Kevin Safstrom lead us by example! They are the definition of sportsmanship, leadership both on and off the mat. They push us to be our best, and encourage us to never give up, believe in ourselves. They love us on the good days and the bad. They have seen us shine and picked us up when we have been beaten down. That's CHEER, that's FAMILY! Thank you Shane, Casey & Kevin for never giving up on us! We love you and our GRAND Cheer Family!

Date: 07/31/2014, 02:31:18 PM CDT

Name: United Cheer
From: United Cheer
Email: United Cheer
Comments: Mandee...we loved having our Louisiana State Championship. Attendance was not increasing so we thought if we changed it to an Open Championship, being less expensive, the competition itself might grow. If the majority of coaches choose to make it a State Championship again we will definitely make the change for our 2015-2016 schedule. We will take a poll at this season's event.

Date: 07/30/2014, 09:44:01 AM CDT

Name: Mandee Bencomo
From: Shreveport Louisiana
Email: Mandee Bencomo
I have a daughter that cheers for a gym in Shreveport LA. Our competition schedule came out and we were all super excited to see that they added United Cheer as one of competitions this season. After talking with the gym owners about it, they decided United Cheer has always been a good cometition to attend, it just conflicted with other travel competitions in the past. Now we are able to attend this year and we were all so excited, However, now there have been a few questions raised. Last season the Shreveport competition was considered a "state championship". Giving our athletes a chance to win the coveted "United Cheer Champion Jacket". Now, we noticed that the competition has been changed from a state championship to a open championship which is very very disappointing. Is there a reason as to why the changes were made. It is hard to get people to attend the local competitions around her because there is not many incentives for them. We have 7 allstar gyms locally and many many school cheer teams that compete, and I have personally heard other gyms talk of the incentives for local competitions as well. We have alot of gyms here that do not have the means to get to a Nationals competition like NCA or Grand Nationals. so the hometown competition is where they get to showcase what they have worked so hard for all season. Many of us are wondering why the change in the level of competition here in Sheveport and what needs to be done to get it back to a state championship so that we can get more teams involved in the local economy!

Date: 05/01/2014, 09:32:00 PM CDT

Name: karen henry
From: houston tx
Email: karen henry
Comments: i love cheerleading every since i was young i would mimic cheers i saw cheer squads do i just never could afford to do it. now that im 23 years old looking back on it i realized that cheerleading is something i love to do. But i let my insecurities with being overweight stop me i totally regret that everyone tried to get me to be the base on the cheer team but again i was insecure about myself. Now im looking for a cheer team i can join because regret not doing what my heart desired. Whatever i do i give a thousand percent if i dont usually im ill. but i love cheering because watching cheerleading helped me get through the hardest times in my life. i dont know if im to old but i would rather ask than to regret not asking thanks for your time

Date: 01/13/2014, 07:50:51 AM CST

Name: there
From: clydetx
Email: There
Comments: it was fun

Date: 01/11/2014, 11:21:31 PM CST

Name: Amanda
From: Garland, TX
Email: Amanda
Comments: Great even today! Thank you!

Date: 11/05/2013, 09:50:33 AM CST

Name: Alyssa
From: california
Email: Alyssa
I think the cheerleaders are doing a really good job I am a cheerleader myself so I know good when I see it.

Date: 01/21/2013, 11:28:07 AM CST

Name: Gabby
From: Curtain Call
Email: Gabby
Comments: Love competing with United cheer, all the other teams have shown great sportsmanship and we always feel like our place has been fairly awarded. the feedback from the judges has been clear and helpful. The competitions are run well and all the staff has been super helpful and friendly backstage.

Date: 12/05/2012, 11:13:44 AM CST

Name: Coach Randi
From: Texas Cheer Thunder Elite
Email: Coach Randi
Comments: We are a new team forming in January 2013. We would like to receive notifications from you of events for the future. Please add me to your notification list.

Date: 11/15/2012, 12:22:57 PM CST

Name: United Cheer
From: Texas
Email: United Cheer
Comments: You can e-mail us at

Date: 11/14/2012, 09:38:40 PM CST

Name: Lori
From: Rebelz Cheer
Email: Lori
Comments: Is there an email address that I can contact someone at?

Date: 10/13/2012, 10:26:12 AM CDT

Name: Rebel Cheer & Dance
From: Plainview, Texas
Email: Rebel Cheer & Dance
Comments: Ready for Abilene Competition, and possibly more of your competitions in near future.

Date: 05/13/2012, 04:41:22 PM CDT

Name: Sarah Schloegel
From: Biron Elite Allstars
Email: Sarah Schloegel

Date: 03/01/2012, 02:46:47 PM CST

Name: Melinda Lee
From: Ace Cheer
Email: Melinda Lee
Where are the pictures from Feb. 18-19th from Galveston? Thanks!

Click the link to Blunck's Photography. It will take you directly to United Cheer's pictures.
Date: 02/21/2012, 02:45:06 PM CST

Name: natasha mccray
From: houston,tx
Email: natasha mccray
Comments: on febuary 5, 2012 i compted with forest brook middle school and in 2010 i competed with shadydale elementary now i'm in the 6th i ust wanted 2 let yal know dat ya'll r the best <>

Date: 12/21/2011, 01:48:43 AM CST

Name: Ivy Omoruyi
From: Houston, Tx
Email: Ivy Omoruyi
I heard about a new squad who was going to enter a 2012 competition. So i went and checked them out. They are off the chance. Good luck to them. I hope they win!

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